Gilberto Esparza was born in Aguascalientes, Mexico in 1975. He was graduated from Visual Arts School of the University of Guanajuato and Fine Arts School of the Politecnic University in Valencia.

He works most recently with electronic media focused on diferent kind of transformations that technological development generates once it integrates in quotidian life of the urban ecosystem. His work is based on the recycling of consumption technology.

His work has been shown in several contries including Electronic Art Festival VideoBrasil (Brasil), Lascas Festival: an actual mexican art in Québec (Canada), Internacional Workshop Km0 (Bolivia), Internacional Electronic Arts and Video Festival Transitio_Mx 2005 (Mexico), Dorkbot Cd. De México (Mexico), 1 Trienal de Puebla PLATAFORMA 06 (Mexico), Laboratorio de Arte Alameda (Mexico), The Carrillo Gil Museum (Mexico), MUCA Roma (University Museum of Sciences and Arts, Mexico).

He won the ArtFest award given by the WTC in Mexico City, Glass Bienal award by the Glass Museum in Monterrey (Mexico), he received an honourable mention at the Bienal de Yucatán (Mexico). Recently he also won the VIDA 9.0: New Productions Award Sponsored by the Telefónica Foundation (Spain) and he is part of the Program Support for the Art and Media Production and Research of Multimedia Center of the Nacional Art Center (Mexico).